How Nfsmoney Works

NFS Money is one of crowning digital platform that facilitates scads of Industry service providers to deal with the budding customers effectively and effortlessly. It allows several entities to accept payments through multiple medium without any twist and turns. Some of them are Professionals, Retail merchants, Schools and the like that can make use of this platform in high spirits. Moreover, it also offers an unbreakable mechanism to boost the revenue numbers for a particular entity and hence, it provides a channel of custom-made “Value-Added Services”.

Nfsmoney Impact

“Broadly, it strike positive impact on various terrains and its usage is quite easy as apple-pie order that go through step by step process coherently.”

Digital Impact

As per the current scenario, India is goanna uplift in the sector of digitally payments for forthcoming four years and it has been increased by 10 times by 2020 which contribute about 15% under Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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Social Impact

Along with digital payments, NFS money acts as a super eminent channel to all requisite utilities and digital payments. It flawlessly provides banking and financial services of Mini Statements, Cash Withdrawal or deposits, Balance Enquiry….

Environmental Impact

It is silver bullet of having a paperless to urban, semi-urban and rural communities. This can solely be by done by upgrading value-added services and novel digital payments payments in order to dampen the cash…

Verify your identity

Before proceeding to the next steps, make sure all the provided information’s by you must be correct and up to your knowledge. Once you put all required details, then click on continue Icon.

Pay for your transfer

Pick-up the bank transfer mode at the stage of payment, then put down your account and get-set go to directly pay by bank transfer that too with your bank. You’re at reaching point……

NFSMONEY Offerings

As far as a digital payment is concerned, NFS Money will provide a manifold and multifarious platform to several business entities. They are as Banking, Payments, Value-Added Services and the rest.


Cash Withdraw

24/7 service!! Easy and safer mode to take out your money instantly with no use of ATM Card.

Magnetic Card Reader

Through this, reading of data from card storage is to be done and hence, you will be able to dash ahead with desired upshots.


It is an advanced way to use in various forms. Among them, providing biometric security is one of secure mode to identify victims and verifies the right patron!


Get your copied material into a digital format. This is sphere head service to deal or to maintain with the document output.

Smart Card

To access the personal identification, data storage and authentication, avant-garde smart cards are used in a range of different sectors.

Thermal Printer

It operates by creating a particular image by use of paper with effect of heating. In general, it heats the thermal paper by employing of a special dye coating.



Get receipt of every transaction by an interoperable medium.

Balance Inquiry

With fast-streaming digital form, get an enquiry about your account balances frequently .

Debit Card

Gets a charge out of electronic access by using a safe net banking services!

Credit Card

Pay Your Money with Most sought-after mode devoid of any hassle.

Withdraw Full Bank Limits

Give it a whirl to fetch the money as fast as possible with coherent swift steps!

No Hidden charges

Free to get done your payments without involving any extra or superfluous charges!

Payments through banking cards
Payments through banking cards
Accept instant payments by UPI
Accept instant payments by UPI
Debit Card

Carry out your financial transaction with easy accessible mode. Stay ahead of the curve!

Credit Card

An Essential tool that facilitate holders to make purchases and spend on commodities.


A loftiest means which soothes whole e-transactions securely just in a minute!


The supreme payment gateway saves your time efficiently, trusted by millions users!

BQ-Scan Code

A two-dimensional code, scan and read information through electronic devices straightforwardly.

Through Virtual Account

Wanting fast payments? Rush ahead with having one physical or chain of account.

Easy transfers

Intending for effortless-going payment? Scan QR code & geared up for next transaction!

A powerful open API

By scanning QR-code, channelize the utmost pick for faster money payments online!

Business without borders

At NFS Money, you can cross unprecedented limits to compensate payments services!

Deposit checks instantly

NFS Money will let your all pay worries into trash and make deposits immediately, smoothly.

Coverage around the world

As and once you scan the QR code, you can channelize the payments available in front of you. Moreover, covering all the modes of digitally payments...

Affiliates and partnerships

Binding with over years, we make robust partnership with prospective patrons!

Make payments by scanning QR Code
Make payments by scanning QR Code
Accepting payments through Aadhaar
Instant Pay, Money (1)
Accepting payments through Aadhaar

An utmost lead model, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is on-the go for prompt transaction.

Balance Enquiry

Trail your daily expenditure activities with a safe and sound form of Balance Enquiry!

Mini Statement

A squashed type of bank account statement, access all information of last five days!

Cash Deposit

Rush ahead to send your money transfers from one account to another!

Cash Withdrawal

Get convert of your holdings of trust into a cash through one kind of simple transaction


Make smart move with swift payment mode where you don’t need physical mechanism

Easy transfers

A hasty & prominent course of action creates trouble-free payments place to place!

A powerful open DMT

Robust services of “Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) is a super-eminent for easy transfers!

Quick Transfer

Move your hard earned funds hassle-free and channelize the easy-preasy money payment

Deposit Cheques instantly

Exchange your cheques into funds securely & credited the amount into your bank!

Coverage around the world

Let’s cover each and every sphere of exemplary digital payments that satiate you fullest!

Affiliates and partnerships

Payments modes of pay-per-click, pay-per-action and pay-per-impression are simply go with us!

Domestic Money Transfer
Domestic Money Transfer


NFS Money believes in people and hence, we invite competent individuals to work upon fundamental ideals and principles with a motive to craft a novel markets in a fast-pace changing scenario. There are available several new chances and technologies which tremendously signifies to lead towards zenith achievements. All you need to have a good sense of aptitude, attitude and great willpower to toil in the direction of common set-goals. Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Dignity and Respect are our core-business values that molded us for creating an innovative and creative developmental aspect. Keeping an eye on today’s business milieu, NFS Money is muddled up with intense vision to provide with nothing but the exemplary and cutting-edge services.

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Domestic Money Transfer

Mobile Recharge

Mobile Wallet Recharge

Bill Payment

AADHAAR Enabled Payment System (AEPS)

Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS)

DTH Recharge

PAN Card

IRCTC Direct Agent Login

Micro ATM


Travel Services


Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company.

Provide DTH Recharge

Provide DTH/Mobile Recharge

Utility Bill Payments

Accepts all Utility Bill Payments

Travel and Entertainment

Book Travel and Movie Tickets

E-Governance Services

Disbursement of Gov. funds, Tax Payment

Assisted E-Commerce

Easy Shopping

We always try to understand customers expectation

Web Search on Google

What Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

NFSMONEY has helped me a lot in terms of revenue generation and right now I can earn sufficient for my family. NFMONEY is the starting earn point for greater efficiency in the workplace
Pankaj Kumar Singh (Bihar)
MY Mudra Pay(Whitelable)
Ever since I joined this company. I am happy that its process is easy to work and this may I benefit, I earn well. .....
The Service of NFSMONEY is Robust The steps are Simple & user Friendly NFSMONEY Right & easy way for Success and earn amount
Khalid Ali (Delhi NCR)
AQSA Distribution (Super Distributor)
I am happy that I became a member of this company, its work is easy & fast, and also together all service is received, My all financial issue are over it.........
AL- HAQUE Digital Services (whitelable )