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The Ong Family Yard Sale


NFS Money is one of crowning digital platform that facilitates scads of Industry service providers to deal with the budding customers effectively and effortlessly. It allows several entities to accept payments through multiple medium without any twist and turns. Some of them are Professionals, Retail merchants, Schools and the like that can make use of this platform in high spirits. Moreover, it also offers an unbreakable mechanism to boost the revenue numbers for a particular entity and hence, it provides a channel of custom-made “Value-Added Services”.



Get an insight of overjoyed experience with us. Give yourself a chance to connect with most motivated and committed experts. Muddled up with great vision and creativity, we give a dab hand in creating future leaders and competent skilled professionals.  Teamed up with a supportive organizer, having inclusive culture and a flair chance of learning, we provide an outstanding milieu that inspired you to chuff to bits. In addition, a clear communication and back-to-back responses built our strength among the prospective clientele which further gain our trust on behalf of patrons. Being a clear way of delighted work-to-do, we are well-acknowledge that mistakes are unpredictable and so, we accept it with a smile and go along the way to complete it within a stipulated time-frame. 

Being an elated work culture, we are there for you to give a better accuracy and top of the line consistency to ensure a best workplace like no one else in the marketplace. Patience, Devotion, Persistence, Endurance and end to end best guidance are our key roles towards gaining powerful success and stay stiff ahead the competitors.           

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Subhan Raza khan

Managing Director

Mr.Subhan Raza khan was born in the Bareilly (U.P) in India, Post graduated in economic, having 3 years of experience in urban / rural marketing plan for sales and products and 7 years of diverse experience in financial service, Kiosk Banking sector, Digital banking and Team management. One of the three founders of NFSMONEY Powered by ( Namrah Security Management Pvt. Ltd.) Mr. Subhan specializes in building the business from scratch and has in-depth knowledge of business facets is truly inspiring way, covering Digital & Retail Market Lending. And Current Managing Director (Namrah groups)

Javed Khan

Additional Director

Mr. Javed khan, a seasoned banker, who specializes in lending business across all products, brings to the table over 5 years of priceless experience across kiosk and digital Banking A Post Graduated (M.com) & L.L.B from Bareilly MJPRU University who is well versed in the areas of banking & financial services along with various Retail Assets products. Before founding the Namrah family, Mr.Javed worked at SBI Financial inclusion with Geosansar Advisor Private Limited

Rizwan Ansari


Mr Rizwan having a vast experience of Marketing and distribution businesses related to digital banking in rural area .He has Gradated in B.teah.

Rimsha Ali

Sr.Managar HR

Ms. Rimsha Ali has more than 4 years of experience in Recruitment, Resourcing, Employee Engagement, Employee Management; office Management she is proficient in people management. she believes in creating a conducive environment to work, where the growth and development thrives. A Post Graduated MBA (HR & Finance) from Bareilly AKTU University (U.P)

Varisha khan

Sr Managar (Support & IT)

Ms Varisha Khan has 5 year experience in IT & Help desk issue Coordinated with technical support specialists to take over calls outside their level of support. Assisted customers with more difficult technical issues requiring a greater level of personalized care and in greater length. On boarded and trained all incoming junior tech support specialists. She has Post graduated MBA AKTU University (U.P)


From the beginning, the mission of our organization is to promote the online payments modes and attain the quality standard right from the rest.


Our vision is to create a fast digital platform in a stress-free zone. To build a centre of excellence and deliver state-of-the-art services is our main forte.


We commit for maintaining loftiest standards and hence, integrity, creativity, accountability, hard work and professionalism are our core key values!

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